“Professional campaigner, career politician — during an election year, we hear these terms all the time. In most lines of work, tenure is something to be lauded and respected, but in politics it’s a dirty word — and for good reason.

The politicians who have established decades-long residence within the beltway bubble have lost sight of the job they were initially sent there to do. Delivering positive results for constituents back home takes a back seat to wielding political influence on the D.C. cocktail circuit.

There are currently 89 members of the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate who have been in the same office for at least 20 years, and 22 members have held the same office since President Ronald Reagan’s second term.

It’s not surprising that Americans have such a low opinion of Congress. These numbers may shock Maryland voters, but they shouldn’t.

Our own Sen. Barbara Mikulski was been in Congress for 41 years and, before she retired in 2017, represented Maryland for four decades.

What’s happening in Washington is not working. It’s broken, and we really need to listen to the American people on this issue.

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